Khun Gook

When asked about how he views doing projects in Architecture and building K.Gook has a hard earned philosophy from his years of experience. He says ... " In the very center of the process there are always inherent obstacles that happen nearly every step of the way. The point is not to complicate them with needless emotions. Rather, you should always be ready to help solve the problems as they come. Doing so helps the work to come out beautiful. Staying calm, addressing the issues, and staying focused are essential to every project. What is the most important, is to always be there with and for the client until the job is completed and it comes out beautiful!

Furthermore! he continues:

"For the best... There are no such things as cheap or good / acceptable, for the price, if you want sustainable, functionality for the long term, then there are no such things as cheap residing with happy!... So, our clients know, while we may not be the cheapest, they prefer that I use the best for the purpose, so overall - it does become the cheapest option. Especially, when considering the total investment versesthe longevity of the design You can pay once or keep repairing for decades to come! Up to you, right?"

Khun Gook started his company back in 2000 and updated the name in 2013. The company has grown so well, that K Gook built a small artsy community style center with the design team at the center, a restaurant, events area, large ferris wheel with relics and art scattered throughout. Very cool place to come visit!

Deli (Jack) Anthony LaBarck

Likewise, we asked Deli about his nearly 42 years of experience in the industry, starting in New York and New Jersey and the past 21 years in Bangkok. He said "Every project is a relationship of sorts. You have to give your best, be respectful and communicate well. The more time you spend getting to know your clients and their needs; especially in the very beginning, the better you can move forward. Usually! As Khun Gook said, there are always obstacles, you have to be prepared for them, and ready to solve them as soon as they show up! That comes with years of experience, I suppose."

Why did you and Khun Gook affiliate your companies and start working all your projects together?

"Firstly, all my clients are Expats coming into Thailand and COVID really step on the breaks hard, business wise! We went from the phone ringing off the hook, to just finishing up all the work we had scheduled for a few years. I realized I needed to rethink my strategy, considering my customer base was all Expats. I mean, what do you do when everything close down to them and no one wants to invest? Secondly, K.Gook and I have always worked together on different project together, especially when we needed larger teams. We just pooled our teams together. We always got along well and everyone aways had a great time on each project. That being said, I will mostlikely retire in another 10 years or so. K Gook is still young enough to take up my client side and manage tasks well. Hopefully, when I'm sipping martinis pool side. "

Here, we see how we are representing projects we used to do together initially. It was more like an affiliation logo so we could track where the project originated from. Ip being Interior Passion and BKD- being Bangkok Day Group. This way we could show each joint project as a mutual venture without the need to incorporate into one single company.

Khun Gooks New Community Center Office

Examples of the Colaboration Between Interior Passion and BKD Group working together!

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