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Interior Design

Our team will design the interior for your dream home, condominium, villa, company showroom, business, or club. You be happy you chose Interior Passion Studio!


We can design your home or business architectural space with natural flow, lighting, sound, functionality, and sustainability, leading the way towards a design that puts you at your best!


Our BKDG building and fitout team will the 3d images and architectural drawing and bring them to life after doing specs on all materials, hardware, textiles, finishings, treatments, flooring, paints, furnishings and built-in kitchens, bathrooms, and storage spaces.

Bespoke Design

We can create the most unique interior designs by providing bespoke furniture design to augment the architectural elements and lines of your home or company spaces.

Restaurant Design

Over the past 40 years our teams have design and fitout a good number of 4- and 5-star restaurants; as well as help with franchises opening branches in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. 

High-End Luxury Condos

It is a joy to build a client's dream condominium! The whole process can be so much fun regardless all the work involved. Clients get so much joy from sharing their new homes and luxury spaces with friends and family! 


Our team of professional designers and architects will bring your company business to life! We will provide a high-level of functionality and sustainability, while creating an atmosphere that is healthy and that flows with all the key architectural elements, in a highly productive way. 


We have done many offices over the past two decades in Bangkok and Pattaya, so we feel very comfortable with the processes involved. Of course, we understand how stressful schedules and time frames can be. We can make this easier on our clients since we are used to working under such schedules.  

Hotel Design

We've done a number of medium size hotels of the past few decades in and around Thailand. Our team feels comfortable with the interior elements, project management and architectural work involved on such projects. 

Who is Interior Passion Studio

Individually, Interior Passion and BKD Group are highly experienced companies with decades of projects standing throughout Thailand and in other neighboring countries.

 As COVID began to affect as larger portion of our Expat market, we decided to work on most projects together, and more like a single company. After all, we've been friends and worked on projects together for nearly 20 years. We felt it would be mutually beneficial if could pull ourknowledge and resources together and work like a single company. This is something we have already been doing already on a good portion of larger projects and it has always worked out well for our clients and for our teams as a whole. Behind the scenes, Khun Gook and myself (Jack), have over 55 years of combined experience. K.Gook focuses on managing our Thai National Clients and I focus on working with our Expats Clientele. 

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